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Italian born, videogame and movie enthusiast, I’ve always had a lifelong passion for music composition, audio technology and sound design.
I started as amatorial music producer, mixing several tracks, until I discovered a lively interest in soundtracks and sound design.
I started a sound engeener course where I learned different audio and composition techniques, as well as audio recording and editing. This experience allowed me to gain experience in some composition and recording studios
In 2018 i started international Comics school of Composition & Sound design for Cinema and Videogames in Turin.
This has allowed me to increase my compositional, sound and theoretical skills concerning this world. But also learning the ‘audio and music implementation with wwise and unreal engine. Working in a professional environment is essential in my work. I have had experience in composition for library, composition for video games and Cinema. I am currently working with Italian video game developers and working on a documentary,as well as various sound design and post production work in advertising and Audio visual.


Dear Brother - (Padre Pedro Theme)
Sad Rain (Documentary Cue)
Jump into water - (Games Cue)
Resolving force - (Cinematic Cue)
Sad Moments
Heroic Attack - (Heroic / Epic Cue)
Adventure World
Annihilate's Theme - Fail/Safe Game Jam
Christmas Night
Skeletons In teh Street - (Mystery Cue)
Magic Scroll - (Fantasy Teaser)
Lonely love
Ride along the street - (Adventure/Epic Cue)
Alone in infinity - (Games Cue)
In the Russian shadow - (Ethnic cue)
Across the mountains - (Adventure Games)
Race against time - (Trailer Cue)
Computer Streets - (Electronic Cue)
Station of the Empire - (Star Wars tribute)
Bagpipes from the south - (Medieval Cue)
Waves on the blocks - (8 Bit Cue)
Venetian Shores
Mission into the Galaxy
Christmas Night



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